UV Tanning

KBL 6800 Alpha - 10 minute exposure time

The KBL 6800 Alpha packs a load of powerful features into a gorgeously artistic exterior


•  America's first and only 4-sided high pressure tanning unit

•  Three different tanning options - Basic, Mediterranean and


•  AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning

•  MP3, SD card audio system and volume control

•  Service bay LED lighting

With colorMotion!

Skin Care Products

Teeth Whitening

•  X-TREME TAN TEC® High Pressure
•  Enjoy a 3 minute Afterbronzer®, extra time on your face and shoulders
•  Air conditioning
•  Misty Breeze®
•  Aroma
•  XXL Lounge acrylic
•  Frosted acrylics

S-Class by UWE - 12 minute exposure time

The "SunBoard," is a completely high pressure tanning lounge. The SunBoard's lamps produce almost 100 percent UVA light, which is the light that causes pigment darkening, or more simply put tanning, while reducing the risk of burning, drying of the skin, and fine line wrinkles. The SunBoard is unique in its open design, providing maximum comfort and maximum results.


•  America's first and only 4-sided high pressure tanning unit

•  Offers high performance internal fans

•  Non-claustrophobic tanning environment with no moving parts
•  Frosted contoured acrylic lounge for ultimate UV dispersion

Sunboard XTT - 15 minute exposure time

With its spacious and modern design, the KBL Tower Pure Energy is guaranteed to leave you impressed. This incredible stand-up booth features:


•  bodyCool powerful fan that help maintain a soothing zone during tanning sessions

•  Vacuum cooling effect while you tan

•  ACS technology adjusts ventilation intensity according to the room temperature
•  BodyCool all-around ventilation by megaSun® with four separate air supplies
•  MP3 and iPod compatible, High performance stereo speakers

KBL Pure Energy - 9 minute exposure time

Top of the line Spray Tan Booth


•  Offers award-winning HVLP Design and Virtually No Dry Time

•  iNTELLISPRAY Solution

•  Custom airbrush spray tanning option available

•  Three different color and shade options as well as three different levels for each color

•  Post-spray moisturizing top coat to help lock in color as well as moisturize skin

•  Five-minute impeccable spray tanning

Norvell Auto Revolution Plus

•  Swedish Beauty 

•  Australian Gold 

•  Devoted Creations 

•  Millenium Products 

•  Supre Caribbean Gold

•  California Tan

•  Designer Skin 

•  Supre Tan 

•  TanOvations 

•  Millenium Tan 

•  Ed Hardy

•  Hempz

Twilight Teeth Complete Home Kit lets you enjoy the power of UV Teeth Whitening anywhere! The one size fits all mouthpiece combined with our Platinum 25 no rinse formula turns any tanning bed into a Teeth Whitening Machine! And now with the "Twilight" you can enjoy the same results at home with hand held UV LED unit.

Twilight Teeth Whitening

UV-free Tanning

With a custom airbrush tan from one of Platinum Tanning’s Norvell certified spray tan technicians, you are sure to get a beautiful natural glow, as light or dark as you’d like, from a mixture of custom-mixed colors to match your skin tone.  


The main ingredient used in our Norvell sunless tanning solution is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a simple and non-toxic sugar derived from sugar beets and sugar cane so our clients need not worry about dangerous chemicals being sprayed onto them.


Our airbrush tans typically last 7-10 days depending on skin type, lifestyle, and how well one maintains his or her tan.


First-time airbrush customers: $30

Regular airbrush cusomers: $45

Custom Airbrushing

Platinum Tanning  offers many different tanning packages. From single sessions to monthly packages, we can help assist you in selecting the package right for you. We work with brides and bridal parties as well as assisting clients with optimal color for special occasions. With our referral program, you tan for free by sending us new customers! Come and see our large, privately-enclosed tanning rooms and the wide variety of products we offer.

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